Hacienda Farmhouse

Welcome to our Hacienda Farmhouse!! I’m on a mission to combine our local hacienda vibe with my love of all things farmhouse…

I’m very eclectic in my style …. from vintage furniture and quilts handed down to me from my grandparents to my obsession with Anthropolgie kitchen wares!

Somehow I manage to bring all of this craziness together in a fun and playful way to make our house a home.

This is our kitchen and I love our little kitchen. Luckily the hacienda vibe was already here when we moved in. I just painted the walls and the cabinets white and of course added a huge FARM sign so that ya’ll would know this is a farmhouse!

As much as I love it, I do have big remodeling dreams for it someday and luckily there is space to expand. Can’t wait to share my vision for it!

Hand sewn quilts on the wall, my husband’s elk {with flowers} and a vintage hutch set the playful eclectic vibe as you walk through the hacienda front doors. I also have a love for fabric and I have a bunch of sewing hoops with my favorite fabrics hung throughout the house.

The Master bedroom is small but it just fits this amazing barn wood bed passed down from my family.

I have always loved black and white photography and the walls are a photo gallery of our lives. Each photo makes me so happy and brings me back to all the fun we have been having.

The girl’s room is so fun and sweet. Of course filled with more sewing hoops and lots of books and pillows. They are begging for bunk beds, so if that happens I will post the transformation here!

The play room is never clean but lets just call it an adorable mess. My girls know how to play, their imaginations are wild! I love having this space for them to be inventive and playful.

Speaking of a space to be inventive, this is inside their completely remodeled playhouse! Last summer these two girls worked everyday to paint it white and make an art studio. I will post all the pictures of this adorable transformation here!

This is the guest room, also home to so many things. This is one of the worst rooms to keep from getting cluttered with all my projects.

I love the old cowboy hats on the wall. When we were cleaning out my parents barn and sheds we found 20 cowboy hats from when my sisters and I were rodeo gals.

There is so much more to our home and I am always doing a project. I will be sharing these projects and transformations right here!